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    Global Invest Pathway is a consulting company for Vietnamese individuals and businesses to invest in the US market


    CGlobal Invest Pathway is proud to be the leader of the US Immigration Investment program, with many leading experts in Vietnam and the US. Specially through the US EB-5 program approved by the US President since 1990, Global Invest Pathway is combined by senior US business professionals, prestigious and well-known strategic partners in the US . In Vietnam, Global Invest Pathway is proud to be the exclusive company of EB5 Affiliate Network, one of the leading licensed companies in 20 states granted by the US Immigration Department, specializing in consulting for licenses US companies want to establish regional centers to offer EB5 programs. We not only help investors choose the safest EB5 investment project in the US, but also advise on procedures to prove financial ability, and issues related to investment and completion. all immigration records, to be quickly approved by the US Department of Immigration. Global Invest Pathway's difference is to bring the best efficiency and the highest satisfaction from customers ...


    Welcome successful people like you!

    Currently, developed countries in the world have programs to attract immigrants to naturalization through US channels of investment and business. In response, investors are given favorable conditions to do business and protected when necessary.
    EB5 Investment Program is suitable for successful people who want to maintain their business in Vietnam and develop their business internationally.

    Global Invest Pathway Channel


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    • Ms. Phan Tuyet Dung

      "I am very pleased with Global Invest Pathway, our profile is consulted and supported by Global Invest Pathway Director. Her enthusiasm made me feel more secure and very impressed."

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    • Mr. Nguyen Hung

      "I have consulted a lot of US immigration investment consulting companies, but eventually I chose Global Invest Pathway, and this is also my best choice."

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    • Mr. Tran The Hung

      "I am very pleased and impressed by Global Invest Pathway, even when I was in the US, but the consultant still contacted and asked our family."

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    • Ms. Ha Thi Quynh Nhu

      "Our family now has a permanent green card in the US and a stable life here is thanks to Global Invest Pathway for helping us. Thanks to Global Invest Pathway""

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    • Ms. Le Thi Quynh

      "Global Invest Pathway immigration expert is very professional and clear. My profile is always updated regularly by Global Invest Pathway."

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    • Mr. Phan Van Hien

      "I am very happy to choose Global Invest Pathway as an education agent for my son, because of the dedication and enthusiasm of Global Invest Pathway my son has now learned a famous school in the US"

      Leading unit


      Global Invest Pathway is proud to be one of the leading investment and migration consultancy units in Vietnam



      We will bring Vietnam to 197 countries around the world



      Pay back 100% after 5 years

      Commitment to success


      We always try to maintain the success rate to help customers

    Global Invest Pathway Office

    Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh

    Headquartered in HA Noi

    About us


    Currently, Global Invest Pathway Vietnam leads in the field of US Immigration consultancy, for business owners and investors. Global Invest Pathway's difference is to bring the best efficiency and the highest satisfaction from customers.


    This is the only and official website of GLOBAL INVEST PATHWAY Company


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